AC’S Spotlight-Talking Hoops With Marc Spears


In the last couple of days in the NBA the biggest news has been the Memphis Grizzlies dealing Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors in a three way trade with the Detroit Pistons. The Raptors got Gay and Hamed Haddadi, the Pistons got Jose Calderon, and the Grizzlies received Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis in return. There have been a lot of different opinions on the trade; was it a straight salary dump for the Grizzlies? Or was there something legit to them trying to become a better team?

I discuss this and more with Yahoo Sports’ Marc Spears who covers the NBA. Marc and I discuss this trade and the impact it has on the Grizzlies, and how Rudy Gay will fare in Toronto. We also take a look at the Western Conference, and get Marc’s opinions on whether he thinks the Lakers will make the playoffs.

I would like to thank Marc for giving me some time to talk the game we love. He does a great job as always on Yahoo, and hope to talk to him down the road. You can listen to the show either here or play it in the player below. It’s been awhile since I’ve been doing a podcast, feels good to be back.

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